RWE Innogy Installs Powerful Wind Turbine Off Belgium Coast

March 26, 2012 / No Comments

German energy major RWE Innogy has installed a turbine with a rated capacity of 6.15 megawatts at the offshore Thornton Bank wind farm. Perhaps the world’s most powerful wind turbine till date, the installation of the first 6 MW turbine in a commercial offshore wind farm marks another step along the road towards larger offshore wind power plants with powerful machines.

wind turbine RWE Innogy Installs Powerful Wind Turbine Off Belgium Coast

This powerful offshore turbine sports impressive dimensions: The cover housing of the turbine alone has the size of a two-family house and the rotor with a diameter of 126 meter sweeps the surface area of two football pitches.

A single turbine can supply the equivalent of 6,000 residential households with electricity per year. The first 18 rotor blades with a length of 63 meter each reached the base port at Ostend in mid-March.

They were delivered from Denmark with heavy goods vehicles by road. During the last few days a substation with a weight of 2,000 tons has already been installed successfully offshore. In 2013 the installation of the remaining 18 wind turbines will follow.

Once complete, the Thornton Bank wind farm will have an installed capacity of some 325 MW and supply the equivalent of about 600,000 people with electricity per year.

At present, the wind power plant is Europe’s largest project-funded offshore wind farm. The total investment amounts to approx. 1.3 billion Euros.  RWE is the second largest electricity producer in Germany.

RWE previously owned American Water, the United States’ largest investor-owned water utility, but it was divested in 2008.