Bamboo Wing Restaurant is All Green

March 29, 2012 / No Comments

In case you have Vietnam on your vacation plans, try to visit this wonderful creative restaurant made mainly with bamboo. The bamboo restaurant has been erected in the city of Hanoi, and it looks akin to a half-moon encircled by water.

Vo Trong Nghia Bamboo Restaurant  Bamboo Wing Restaurant is All Green

This one is the latest creation from Vietnamese bamboo masters Vo Trong Nghia. The restaurant cum events centre is one of the most striking projects yet, designed by the team.

Aptly named Bamboo Wing, it has been built by merging the handcrafting skills applied on local sustainable materials. The makers have succeeded in creating a mysterious environment that plunges in the water in the outskirts of province, Vinh Phuc.

To enter the Bamboo Wing, you may have to saunter through the stepping stones surfaced with water. Stones are encircled by growing bamboo for replicating the natural feel.

Made with the fast-growing plants, the open-air Vietnamese restaurant is completely sustainable and nature friendly.  The water surroundings and bamboo walls shaped like a bird’s wing give it a airy, cool and calming appeal.

Angled roofs are reinforced by the support of sculptural columns, which is another example of how strong and versatile bamboo is as a building material.

The designers have also allocated a long curvy bamboo shelter space for enjoying meals in midst of all the lush green surroundings. Don’t you want to go there this holiday season?