BMW-Toyota Pact for Li-ion Battery Research

March 29, 2012 / No Comments

BMW is doing all it can to craft a sustainable future. The luxury car maker has been very keen to co-invest in the development of new green technologies with other major automobile manufacturers. Recently, we the German car maker signed a memorandum of understanding to work collectively to discover new fronts in green technologies with Toyota.

BMW toyota BMW Toyota Pact for Li ion Battery Research

We have now come across more details on the deal, which is expected to focus more on making superior electric vehicle batteries. The automobile sector will benefit a lot, if this joint research for a next-generation lithium-ion battery cells attains success.

BMW has also issued a statement, elaborating that the project will be aiming at elevating “the performance and capacity of lithium-ion battery cells through the use of new combinations of materials for cathodes, anodes and electrolytes.”

To the auto enthusiasts, this may not sound exciting as testing of a new vehicle, but fundamentally better batteries will have immense effect on the sustainability of automobile industry itself.

Be it the deal between GM to develop on hydrogen fuel cells or with Toyota for diesel engines, BMW was always in the forefront for futuristic technologies. And it is something which we admire from a luxury car maker. What do you have to say?