Tesla Model S Battery-Electric Five-Door Car this July

April 9, 2012 / No Comments

Eyeing a July roll out, the Model S from the Tesla stables is fast getting the final touches at the company’s Fremont, CA, plant. The battery-electric five-door model is the second from Tesla, post-the Roadster.

Tesla Model S almost ready Tesla Model S Battery Electric Five Door Car this July

Customers who have been waiting for the Model S signature series vehicles have begun mailing the company on what all they would like to have in their new cars. This also points to the fact that the Model S would start first deliveries this June.

Likely to be priced starting at $57,400, that is for a 160-mile single-charge range variant before the $7,500 tax credit goes into effect. Meanwhile, the 300-mile-range version will sell for around $77,000.

To be offered in additional three colors – Piano Black, Lacewood and Banana Leaf, the Model S  will also come with Internet connectivity as an option on all variants.

In a bid to be more customer-friendly, Tesla is also planning to deliver the cars to locations where the customer wants it to.

The car maker has also lined up ambitious plans to push up sales to around 5000 units this year. The company aims to see 2012 sales grow three-fold compared to last year’s revenue of $204.2 million.