Hybrids Losing Sheen; Survey Reveals

April 12, 2012 / No Comments

If you though hybrid cars are on top of customer minds, think again! In what could be seen as proof of the fact that hybrid vehicles were just fashion statements when they first arrived, a new survey has made it clear that not many of the hybrid car owners opted for another hybrid when they wanted to buy a new car.
Hybrid Drivers Hybrids Losing Sheen; Survey Reveals
Going by the survey findings, “only 35 percent of hybrid vehicle owners bought another hybrid when purchasing a new vehicle in 2011.” Now, that could mean that hybrids were charmers when they were introduced, but not anymore.
A closer look at the scenario would bring to the fore the fact that hybrids don’t stand out anymore, though non hybrids are yet to match hybrids in performance and fuel efficiency.
Talking fuel efficiency, we need to accept the fact that many a small and mid-sized cars have arrived on the scene boasting almost hybrid like fuel-economy. For instance, European models of the likes of Ford Fiesta/Mazda 2, come with smaller engines, direct-injection, better transmissions, more aerodynamic bodies and turn out to be better choices for highway as well as city driving.
One major fact that has been proving to be negative for hybrids  could be that people are more inclined towards plug in models, when coming to new buys. No one can dispute the fact that plug-ins and fully electric cars have begun their tip mainstream.