Honda Adds Low-Emission Vehicles to Zipcar Fleet

April 17, 2012 / No Comments

Following the path of Ford and Chevy, Honda has announced a partnership with Zipcar, an America-based car-sharing company. Zipcar provides automobiles for its members on a rental base.

hondainsight Honda Adds Low Emission Vehicles to Zipcar Fleet

Honda’s new low-emission, fuel efficient vehicles like Insight, Civic and CR-V are added to this range. Honda’s new electric model Fit EV and the upcoming new Accord plug-in hybrid will also be available at Zipcar.

With this new venture, Honda smoothens the way for urban residing tech-savvy drivers by giving them a first-hand experience about the new technology. StevenCenter, the vice-president of the Environmental Business Development Office at American Honda, is of the opinion that Zipcar is the best choice for the company to showcase its newest energy-efficient transportation technology and it will strengthen their brand by connecting with conscious members.

Zipcar members consistently ranked Honda vehicles as their most favored mode of transport in the Zipcar fleet. By way of this new win-win partnership, Zipcar members can get access to the Honda vehicles they prefer. Earlier this year, Zipcar had announced a tie-up with Chevrolet and Ford.

Based on the idea “use-em-when-you-need-em”, Zipcar was established by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase in 2000 and is now led by Scott Griffith.

What do you say about using a new fuel-efficient car for just a few dollars?