Energy Saving Light Switches Off When You Close Your Eyes

April 19, 2012 / No Comments

If you have the habit of sleeping while reading a book at night, chances are you usually forget to switch off the light. Don’t worry any more. Here’s a solution to cut down on wastage of power.

Eyelight Energy Saving Light Switches Off When You Close Your Eyes

Here comes a lamp that turns on only when your eyes are open and switches off when you close your eyes. Randy Sarafan, a DIY genius, has used her scientific skills to develop a lens detector lamp that saves energy.

She finds it beneficial not only to human beings, but also to Mother Earth. At a time when energy efficiency campaigns are raging, this energy saving light will prove to be a positive step towards energy conservation.

Today, consumers are more energy conscious and energy conserving light bulbs and lamps are on high demand.

Though this lamp will not help a lot to save electricity and can be more disturbing for it hooks on to your eyes, we think it needs to be seen as a very unique idea.

Sarafan is the author of a book “62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer,” and she is currently working as Technology Editor for the DIY projects site Instructables. What do you think of this new lamp?