Honda to Reuse Rare Earth Metals from Used Car Parts

April 19, 2012 / No Comments

Honda plans to start the world’s first mass recycling process of extracting rare earth metals from its used cars this month.  The car maker has entered into a tie-up with the Japan Metals and Chemicals Company for this recycling process, where in rare-earth metals from the nickel-metal hydride batteries will be collected from used hybrid vehicles like Honda Insight and CRZ.

recycle chart Honda to Reuse Rare Earth Metals from Used Car Parts

The Japanese car maker will obtain these with the help of dealers around the world. Honda said with this newly developed recycling process they could extract 80 percent of the rare metals from nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Honda will slowly expand its recycling process  of rare earth metals from nickel-metal hydride batteries to other Honda used-products.

The company was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to start the sale of recycled parts.

Japanese automakers are on in the process of finding out ways to limit rare-earth usage or replace the metals with the help of government subsidies.