General Motors EN-V 2.0 Unveiled at Beijing Show

April 25, 2012 / No Comments

General Motors’ next-generation all-electric EN-V pod car has been unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show. Called EN-V 2.0, it is being hailed as the most futuristic Chevrolet ever. EN-V stands for Electric Networked-Vehicle .

GMs future General Motors EN V 2.0 Unveiled at Beijing Show

This second edition car boasts a longer wheel base as compared to its predecessor. The rear wheels of EN-V 2.0 extend outwards. The automobile’s exceptional facilities include capability to drive in all weather and city road conditions, provisions for climate control as well as good storage options.

The vehicle has room for two people, and its range of 25-mile remains as such in the new model too. It also includes mobile Internet access and telematics along with an EV powertrain.

Well, it has been reported that more work needs to be done on the new edition, as the vehicle has shown somewhat flawed autonomous driving capabilities thus far.

EN-V 2.0  is expected to be available in China by 2020. Before that pilot studies in the country would take place. We assume the unveiling of the vehicle in Beijing is part of General Motors’ vision to deploy their electric autos in the future mega cities of the world.

The first EN-V was unveiled at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The new edition is a combination of sensing technology, wireless communication and GPS-based navigation. The car establishes a technology foundation upon which future advanced vehicle systems could be built.