Green Topped Campus Complex in Seoul Looks Like a Canyon

April 26, 2012 / No Comments

Imagine a green park on the roof of a building where you can walk through. What would you call this building –  a park or a sculpture, or both? Okay, let’s cut the suspense. This amazing masterpiece building, located in Seoul, Korea, is the new campus complex for EWHA Woman’s University. Significantly, it is also Korea’s first educational institution for women.

EWHA Woman’s University Green Topped Campus Complex in Seoul Looks Like a Canyon

The center of attraction of this campus building is its shape. Bulit like a canyon, it connects the two underground linear buildings. With almost 66,000 sq m land area, the building features all the elements required by a campus complex, such as underground parking areas, class rooms, a cafeteria and exhibition spaces.

The building has been topped with gardens that provide some extra green space for the campus and for the city. The central canyon slopes down with broad staircases and offers a direct route for students and area residents to the building and to the urban space.

The space also serves as a forum for gatherings, out door lecture areas, exhibition space, where the stairs provides seating for a natural amphitheater.

Students will be able to access a number of departments easily via this canyon. As many as six levels are constructed underground, and the glass facades on either side of the building provide for natural sunlight flowing into the classrooms.

The EWHA Woman’s University is located in Shinchon area of Seoul and has been designed by Dominique Perrault, who has won an international competition for this masterpiece design.