Aptera USA 2e Three-Wheeled Electric Car by Q1 of 2013

May 4, 2012 / 1 Comment

Aptera USA has lined up plans to bring the Aptera 2e three-wheeled car to the market. This is likely to happen as early as the first quarter of 2013.

aptera Aptera USA 2e Three Wheeled Electric Car by Q1 of 2013

The completed chassis of the vehicle will be brought to the US from China, where the electric drivetrain and other equipment is being installed.  The new Aptera vehicle is said to be based on the design that participated in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. It is known internally as the SO-1.

That configuration would have a 20-kWh battery pack from A123 Systems. Expected to return 110 horsepower (82 kW) and 232 pound-feet of torque with the help of an electric motor from Remy, the car will boast a range of about 114 miles.

This apart, Aptera will also soon kick start a new reservation system so as to help giving former place holders more priority.  The price of the new vehicle is expected to be around $25,000.