It is Now Time for Autonomous Biodegradable Robots

May 7, 2012 / No Comments

This could be termed as a complete eco-friendly product. What more can one ask for if that product decomposes itself once the expiry date is reached? This idea of biodegradable robots is the brainchild of Dr Jonathan Rossiter, a senior lecturer at the University of Bristol’s Department of Engineering and Mathematics.

Eco Friendly It is Now Time for Autonomous Biodegradable Robots

According to the University of Bristol, the usual robots of the conventional kind we have today are made of rigid resilient materials.

These materials which go into the making of the robots are toxic as well as non-biodegradable and therefore will have a negative impact on the natural ecology. So the robots, once they are done with the task they are deployed for, would have to be tracked down, dismantled and made safe.

Robotic projects are thus made more complex and robots are irrecoverable. So, it could ultimately put a restriction to the number of robots to be employed for each mission, each of them will have to be recovered and dismantled.

This is where the very idea of autonomous biodegradable robot is going to work. Rossiter elaborates: “Once a biodegradable robot has reached the end of its mission, for example having performed some environmental clean-up activity following an oil spill, it will decompose into harmless material”.

If this idea  becomes a reality, it would be another landmark innovation.