Saudi Arabia Hopes to Build Solar Industry

May 15, 2012 / No Comments

This could surprise many in the global energy industry and international politics. But it’s true. Saudi Arabia, one of the largest producers of fossil fuel, is planning to tap sustainable energy sources. The country aims for 41 GW solar power by 2032.

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Hopes to Build Solar Industry

The nation has the history of obstructing many international agreements that tended to go against its rich natural resource of fossil fuel. However, it is all set to break away from the usual path.

The new plan  aims at reducing the usage of oil resources for power production. As per the proposed plans, the country hopes to establish a local solar industry. This would also help generate new job opportunities. Of the 41 GW proposed, 16 GW will be solar PV and the rest would be generated by solar thermal power plants.

Announcing the plan, The King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy said it hopes to turn the nation into “the Kingdom of Sustainable Energy”. The plan is regarded as the most ambitious solar power plan outlined by any nation so far.