License Issued for First Ever Autonomous Car

May 16, 2012 / No Comments

We have been hearing about the autonomous car project from Google for quite some time now. The latest on that front is that the car has almost become a reality. The world’s first license has been granted to Google’s driverless car, which in fact is a Toyota Prius with computer controls. The license has been granted by the state of  Nevada.

State Of Nevada License Issued for First Ever Autonomous Car

Right from the beginning, we have been curious about the news that Google is creating a self-driven car. The car carries radar sensors, lasers and specially designed artificial intelligence software to identify other objects on the road. For navigational purposes, Google has installed detailed maps in the car.

The first autonomous car license brings to the car a unique license plate in red and an infinity symbol on it. The infinity symbol of 001 indicates that driverless cars are the mode of transport of the future.

It is being said that the unique red plate will easily be recognized by the public and law enforcing agencies. Such license plates will be used only for licensed autonomous test vehicles.

Well, the Google robotic car   could come with some setbacks too. All the previous tests of the vehicle have been done on tracks or parking lot rooftops with a person behind the wheels, who can control the vehicle in case the technology fails.

Though we are not sure of its practicality, the move is sure to make a big impact in the car manufacturing terrain.