Solar Charger Now Comes With A Stretchable Cell

May 21, 2012 / No Comments

Solar power panel that can be stretched? Strange, but true. Kuaray, designed by Ruben Freire, is a concept that uses stretchable solar cells in it. It is created out of materials like organic particles of plastic, lithium ions, aluminum soda cans and corn.

Solar Solar Charger Now Comes With A Stretchable Cell

The plastic case forms the major part. It is made from a patented material called Mirel. It is actually a biodegradable resin produced by Metabolix. A bio-based, light activated plastic developed by Konarka is also used in the panel along with the lithium ion battery.

The configuration used here does the magic. It not only charges electronic devices like cell phones, but also serves as a container for same.Thus you can carry your electronic portable devices safely.

The solar sheet is printed in a roll-to-roll process. Unlike the conventional solar panels, this is environment-friendly and reduces the cost considerably.

The container can be fixed to any window that receives ample sunshine for  charging your gadgets. The panel gets its name, Kuaray – meaning sun, from Gurani. Guranis are the indigenous people of South America.