Cincinati Gets First Amp Dealership

May 23, 2012 / No Comments

Amp has opened its first flagship dealership showroom on home ground Cincinnati, in Ohio. The dealership has been given the name ‘Amp of Cincinnati’ and the opening cum dedication event of the dealership was held on 10th of this May.

AMP Cincinati Gets First Amp Dealership

The dealership has started taking $5,000 deposits for the SUVs; the manufacturer has earlier mentioned that its SUVs will come for the $7,500 tax credit from the IRS. In March, the company also said it reached an agreement to sell its SUVs in the Caribbean. Well, we are looking forward for the next move.

During the dealership dedication event, president of the new AMP Dana Hackney said the EVs that are on the market today are small. AMP all-electric SUVs offer a unique full-size EV experience, so those who want a full-size EV can now order an Amp.

The first deliveries from the new Cincinnati dealership would start by the end of this month.