New Robot Cleaner Concept Could Clean Up Oil Spill

May 25, 2012 / No Comments

After many proposed idea of using robots to clean up the oil spill and ocean wastes, here is something that sounds pragmatic. The Bio-cleaner, designed by Hsu Sean, is a new robot cleaner that is dropped off a helicopter into the ocean to fulfil the purpose.

Roomba Like New Robot Cleaner Concept Could Clean Up Oil Spill

Going by the looks the Bio-cleaner resembles the Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaner used to clean up the dirt on the floor. The design of the bio-cleaner is based on Yanko Design and has three arms to propel itself.

A compartment with bacteria is embedded into the robot, which does the job of degrading the oil. The built-in pump of the robot separate out water.

The acoustic wave device of the cleaner emits high-frequency sound waves. This, in turn, helps in keeping the animals at bay, from the oil spilled parts of the water body.

A biosensor would be used to track oil in the water, and an H2O battery powered by the ocean would be the source of power.

The robot cleaner  still continues to be a concept. The proposed features are really impressive. We need to wait see, whether someone would really take up and pursue the idea.