Self-Sustaining Solar Floating Resort is Absolutely Green

May 31, 2012 / No Comments

It looks exuberant; a blend of ultra-modern design with the best of the facilities. Above all, the icing on the cake is that it would be the best option if you are looking for an eco-retreat this summer. We are talking about the Solar Floating Resort (SFR).  It promises a great drifting experience.

Solar Powered Self Sustaining Solar Floating Resort is Absolutely Green

This self-sustaining floating resort, designed by Michele Puzzolante, is equipped with an on-deck jacuzzi, a photovoltaic thin-film skin, as well as underwater observation room.

The deck that spreads across 110 sq m is sufficient to accommodate six guests at a time. A central spiral staircase leads to the observation room downstairs.

The attached baths have a space-saving water closet, which hangs off the tub. The resort  houses a large kitchen and bar.

The photovoltaic film acts as the core element of this self-supporting design. The film is applied to a lightweight balsa-reinforced fiberglass cover, which is spherical.

This shape ensures constant exposure to the sun. The solar cells are thus charged during the day hours, resulting in the availability of clean energy through the night.

The interior of the skin is also layered in dye-sensitized thin-film PV. This helps to absorb artificial light at night, creating a 30mm vacuum with the outer layer.