FIAT’s New Innings with Natural Gas

June 7, 2012 / No Comments

FIAT is all set to pave its future ways by roping in alternative fuels. The automaker’s research team is working on the same at the Centro Ricerche FIAT, outside of Turin, Italy, their high-security research facility.

natural FIAT’s New Innings with Natural Gas

Unlike Toyota and others, who went behind gas-electric hybrids and pure batteries, FIAT is interested in compressed natural gas (CNG).  According to its General Manager, Stefano Re Fiorentin, CNG is a strategic asset that supports progressive migration from fossil fuels to biomethane and hydrogen from renewable resources.

He claims that the electric car still possesses some sustainability problems. They might have reduced the impact on environment but their range is too limited, recharging times are too long, and above all cost is too high.

He adds that a hybrid costs about $9,000 more than a conventional gas powered car and a battery-electric costs about $ 21,000 more. At the same time a CNG car will only cost about $ 4,000 more.

So is it something like a conversion into CNG? No, it is not. The new line-up features smaller, lightweight tanks and a small gasoline tank.

The design is also very carefully done, especially that of the filling mechanism. The cars are not very technologically different from conventional ones.

Engines are small and efficient. Maintenance costs are also reduced, with zero carbon residues in the engine.