GreenCam Energy-Saving App Uses Webcam to Turn off Computer [Video]

June 14, 2012 / No Comments

The latest addition in the category of energy saving apps is the one developed by Brazilian company Ecobenefícios. The new GreenCam app activates energy-saving mode, when the user is not in front of the computer with the help of a webcam.

GreenCam GreenCam Energy Saving App Uses Webcam to Turn off Computer [Video]

That sounds so pragmatic, since most of us take a number of breaks after switching on the computer, we move around to chat with others, we take coffee breaks, and we go to the loo. So this new app proves to be really using in saving the energy even during such tiny breaks.

The GreenCam app can be downloaded free. Well, reviews have come up stating that the app doesn’t work all that well. Some of the reviews we came across say that when the user stayed away for the computer, the system did not turn off by itself using the app. The program is in Portuguese, and so the problem of the language must have been there.

App developer Ecobenefícios uses an hour a day away from the computer, as part of their strategy, and as per the estimates that GreenCam could save a company of 200 employees $130 per month.

The app would be a potential one if it works properly, and would be one of the best ideas to save energy.