200 Citroen C-Zero electric cars gone in 24 hours

June 28, 2012 / No Comments

The car-sharing service Multicity by Citroen, along with its partner Zilok Auto, makes vehicle available for lease for just 90 euros (around $112) a month. Last week, 200 C-Zero battery-electric vehicles were made available for 23-months, 20,000 kilometers (about 12,500 miles). All the 200 units were gone in 24 hours. That stands testimony to the success of the program.

citroen multicity c zero 628 200 Citroen C Zero electric cars gone in 24 hours

In order to lease the vehicle unbelievably low rent of 90 euros a month, you will have to register your EV with Multicity. If someone takes it out for rent, you will get 40 percent of the amount the person pays.

Multicity was started in 2011. The C-Zero model was added to the car sharing service last year itself. It is the sister vehicle to the Mitsubishi i, which has an EPA rating of about 62 miles on a single charge.

Mitsubishi, which introduced the vehicle as i-MiEV in Japan in 2009, started selling the car in the US by the end of last year.

Mitsubishi has sold 300 i vehicles in the US during the first 5 months of this year. In the last month alone, 85 units were sold, that is indeed a record.