New Li-ion Battery Holds Seven Times More Energy

July 2, 2012 / No Comments

Development of clean technologies has made dependence on batteries, especially Lithium-ion batteries, a lot more than before. They find application in a wide variety of stuff, ranging from electric cars to energy back up storage and also most electronic gadgets like smart phones and laptops. To accentuate these technologies the battery life has to shoot up, without increasing the size.

lithium ion microscope.jpg.492x0 q85 crop smart New Li ion Battery Holds Seven Times More Energy

Researches have been going on at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory and they have come up with a neoteric idea. The Silicon nano particles, on swell up, increase the amount of lithium ions that can be stored and thereby resulting in a lithium ion battery that can store energy sevenfold.

Thus, this technology not only enables electronic gadgets run longer on a single charge but also increase their lifetime.

The EMSL researchers explained that, lithium ions flow from the cathode to anode, through an electrolyte, commonly made of Carbon. During recharging the ions are forced back to the cathode where they started.

Researches are on to build a new type of anode consisting of a single silicon particle inside the carbon shells. With this new design, the lithium ions flowing from the cathode, through the electrolyte, diffuse through the carbon shells, thereby entering the silicon. Therefore making it capable of holding ten times as many as lithium ions as carbon.

The most amazing part of this new design is that, the silicon nano particles that swell when filled with lithium ions, do not burst the carbon shell.  This system not only improves the performance manifold, but also makes batteries affordable.