Bali School Sports Solar-powered ATM

July 5, 2012 / No Comments

AN ATM on a school campus is nothing new. What sets the Green School, on the Indonesian island of Bali, apart is that it has a solar-powered ATM in its campus.

green 2 Bali School Sports Solar powered ATM

When the school decided to set up an ATM, it was in a fix. ATMs require electricity and are usually set in concrete. The school didn’t want both. That’s because they went against the sustainability-focused vision of the institution.

However, the campus badly needed an ATM machine. The nearest ATM was eight miles away. That meant spending considerable money one fuel.

The idea of a solar-powered ATM was sparked by a visit by a banker from Bank Internasional Indonesia, says Green School founder John Hardy. When the bank agreed to install an ATM, the mission was half successful.

To avoid using too much concrete on ground, the school found a large stone and bolted the machine to that. The school used bamboo enclosure to house the machine. A set of four solar panels are elevated using bamboo stalks and thus enough sunlight is ensured to power the ATM.

green 1 Bali School Sports Solar powered ATM