Animal Welfare Group Four Paws Demands Ban on Bull Run in Spain

July 18, 2012 / No Comments

Animal welfare group Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) has urged the Spanish authorities to put an end to the gruesome tradition of Bull Run. The famous Pamplona Bull Run is one of the major attractions of Spanish tourism and has played a major role in establishing and in the growth of the tourism industry in the country.

BullRunBanAnimals m 0716 Animal Welfare Group Four Paws Demands Ban on Bull Run in Spain

In a bull run, bulls are made to rush along Pamplona’s streets and then forced to fight in the arena during the San Fermin festival. Also, before the event starts, ‘picadores’ on horses torment the bulls by ramming spears into their backs, slitting open their necks and panicking them by giving electric shocks. Badly hurt, they are forced into the arena, where they are tortured to death by the torero. Last week, the country witnessed the worst of all bull runs, which left 22 people injured and 42 bulls dead. However, this ‘thrilling event’ brings a large number of people every year to Spainto participate in the San Fermin festival.

Four Paws, on its Bulgarian website, has urged for an immediate break with this cruel tradition. The international organization’s campaign director Gabriel Paun said that this kind of entertainment has nothing to do with culture and should be abolished. He also noted that such form of cruelty against animals is punishable with prison in other European countries.

As per its estimates, around 13,000 bulls get killed each year at bullfighting events in the country. Bullfighting is already banned in Cataloniaand the Canary Islands in Spain. Four Paws is striving hard to put a complete end to this senseless tradition.