Morrow Royal Pavilion in LA Is Made from 500,000 Beer Bottles

July 24, 2012 / No Comments

When we say ‘a house made from beer bottles’, don’t think of it as brittle as card castles, or as small as sand castles. Morrow Royal Pavilion in Las Vegasis the world’s biggest building made from beer bottles. Surely, this is an innovative way of utilizing the bottles left over from the casinos of Las Vegas.

Morrow Royal Pavilion beer las vegas bottles.jpg.492x0 q85 crop smart Morrow Royal Pavilion in LA Is Made from 500,000 Beer Bottles

Almost 500,000 beer bottles were collected and then crushed to make a composite building material to construct the magnificent structure. The building material used is called GreenStone. The material is designed by Scott McCombs. He is the founder of Realm of Design, a company that produces architectural elements like gazebos, balustrades or fountains.

In fact, this is the first building the company has made from GreenStone, and it’s actually a new manufacturing center for the company. The glass from the recycled bottles were crushed and mixed with fly ash to produce the material. This material can be used in place of concrete and eliminate concrete’s massive carbon footprint. Not just that, half-a-million bottles mean 290,000 pounds of glass out of landfills.

Situated in the SinCity, the texture and flavor of the regal building just blends with the rest of the place. The Pavilion┬áresembles England’s Swarkestone Hall Pavilion. Many building are following the similar concepts. Recently a Buddhist temple was made from beer bottles.