Volvo C30 Electric Named “Green Car of the Year” in China

July 24, 2012 / No Comments

Volvo C30 Electric has been named the “Green Car of the Year” inChina at the 4th China New Energy Mobility Summit recently. Volvo Car Corporation has in fact delivered 15 Volvo C30 Electric cars to the Shanghai International Automotive City Group (SIAC) for an open road test-drive project known as EV100 Days.

volvo c30 electric green car award china1 Volvo C30 Electric Named Green Car of the Year in China

Under the project, qualified drivers will test C30 Electric cars for 100 days. This is SIAC’s first anniversary of its electric vehicle (EV) campaign. Volvo signed an  MoU with SIAC last November and the carmaker delivered 15 electric cars for public testing during the first anniversary. A recruitment call was made for open road test-drive projects and drivers were selected. Qualified volunteer drivers can own and drive a Volvo C30 Electric car for a period of three months.

Freeman Shen, the senior vice president of Volvo Car Corporation and chairman of China Operations, said that by joining the project the company would be able to collect data about the vehicle’s performance on Chinese roads as well as the driving habits of Chinese consumers.

This would serve as reference and background information if the company goes for the mass promotion of electric vehicles in China and the development of next-generation electric vehicles in future.