Wheelchair-Ready Kenguru EV Ready to be Launched Soon

July 25, 2012 / 1 Comment

Electric vehicle designed for people in wheelchairs, called the Kenguru electric car, is about to make its way into production. The exact date of its arrival to the market is not known, but reports say that distribution in a number of European countries is imminent. The vehicle is unlike any electric car. For one, it doesn’t have any seat. That’s because those who use wheelchairs bring their own seat with them.

kenguru with wheelchair Wheelchair Ready Kenguru EV Ready to be Launched Soon

In Kenguru, the doors are on the rear (the back hatch). Drivers in their wheelchair can roll into position through the door and after parking can roll down to the road.

This wheelchair-ready EV has a top speed of only 28 mile per hour. It has a range of between 70 and 110 km (43-68 miles). The EV was originally designed by Rehab Ltd in Hungary.

It is hand-assembled in Pflugerville, TX by Community Cars. The CEO of Community Cars, Stacy Zoern, went through many struggles to get the Kenguru produced.

The Kenguru EV costs around $2,500 before governmental incentives. Because of the nature of the vehicle, qualified buyers might get both alternative powertrain and vocational rehabilitation incentives.