New LED Lights Recreate Sun’s Healing Effects

July 27, 2012 / No Comments

Years of research has given us many lighting solutions. From older incandescent  bulbs to the modern LEDs, we have managed to extend our day. However, all these lights are artificial and they emit, what researchers call, cold light. They don’t have sunlight’s soothing effect on our senses.

luminarium 1.png.492x0 q85 crop smart New LED Lights Recreate Suns Healing Effects

That could change soon. For the first time, Italian designer Stefano Pertegato has created an LED light source which is said to imitate the sun’s soothing effect on our biological clocks.

This array of LEDs, called ‘Luminarium’, is mounted on gears. The gears are suspended from the ceiling like a normal pendant light. It looks like a normal lighting system, but the light emitted from these LEDs is different. The light from it, in fact, changes according to the time. It works on a 12-hour lighting cycle. So it changes color temperature throughout the day unlike the usual artificial light sources that emit the same amount and quality of light all through the day.

A warm and relaxing light would be emitted during morning hours. A cold temperature could be experienced towards the beginning of the noon. Then again, a warm tone would appear in the evening bringing in the effect of the natural sun set.

The designer says that this dynamic lighting system has a soothing effect on our biological clocks. Also, it provides a healthy way out for the urban denizens who spend hours indoors.