Tokelau to be World’s First Nation to be Fully Powered By Solar Energy

August 3, 2012 / 1 Comment

Tokelau is all set to become the world’s first solar powered nation. Amazing, isn’t it? The island country will be generating all its required electricity from solar power in the near future. All major steps to be taken to achieve this status will be finished by this September. The three atolls that make up the nation of Tokelau are in the process of installing over 4000 solar panels. Almost half of the required panels have been installed at the first atoll. The remaining panels will be installed by next month.

tokelau Tokelau to be Worlds First Nation to be Fully Powered By Solar Energy

Diesel fuel is expected to get phased out completely, replacing it with solar generated electricity. Apart from its greener side, there is some totally different reason behind this.

Tokelau is not yet a fully self-governing country, as it earns a major part of its budget as aid fromNew Zealand. Also the nation’s citizens still are technically citizens ofNew Zealand.

So switching to solar energy could bring in a change in the Tokelau budget inline and in untying the connection to New Zealand. As we know, solar energy harnessing programs cost a hefty amount as its installation charges. This is being funded by Government of New Zealand. After that no such charges would be needed.

On the other hand, if we consider this new record of the country in a much bigger global perspective, this is no big deal.

Tokelau, with its little population could not make a bigger change or regulation in the world carbon emission and footprint.