BMW Provides Remote-Controlled MINIs for the London Olympics

August 6, 2012 / No Comments

We already know that BMW has provided a fleet of hybrids and electric MINI Coopers for the ongoing 2012 London Olympic Games. Along with that the company has also supplied a fleet of small remote-controlled MINI Coopers.

2012 Olympic Remote Control Minis 537x357 BMW Provides Remote Controlled MINIs for the London Olympics

These small remote-controlled vehicles are deployed specifically to clear the field during Olympic events. These MINI Coopers are 1/4th the size of the original Cooper hatchback models. They mainly are used to pick up javelins, discuses and hammers at the field events.

The remote-controlled MINIs aren’t just a small toy version of the MINI Cooper. It can carry up to 18 pounds. This accounts for almost the weight of a hammer or two javelins.

The remote-controlled cars take 80 minutes to get fully charged. It can be used in the fields for more than half an hour before the battery gets exhausted.

Well, the major intention behind deploying such small models is purely marketing, but it serves to be really helpful in clearing and cleaning up the place. The other vehicles of BMW like the 3 and 5 Series models are used to transport the athletes at the games..