Nissan Launches Serena S-Hybrid in Japan

August 6, 2012 / No Comments

Nissan has launched the hybrid variant of its minivan (vehicle with three rows of seats) Serena in Japan. Dubbed as the Serena S-Hybrid, it has started the sales this week.

serena Nissan Launches Serena S Hybrid in Japan

This green variant comes in two-wheel as well as four-wheel-drive versions. It gets 15.2 kilometers per liter in two-wheel-drive mode. This is almost equal to 36 miles per gallon as estimated on the lenient Japanese driving cycles.

The hybrid variant stands ahead of the conventional version of Serena in terms of fuel efficiency. So is its price. S-Hybrid is about 25 percent more fuel-efficient. The Serena S-Hybrid comes at a starting price of about 2.38 million yen ($30,250). The original gasoline-powered version’s base price was of 2.16 million yen ($27,500).

Serena is considered to be one of the best-selling vehicles in the minivan category in the country. The conventional Serena sold about 50,000 units in Japan during the first half of the year. It is known as a perfect auto for family with its roomy cabins. Let’s wait and see how the same vehicle with a green shade and hiked price perform in the market..