Casa em Movimento is a Self-Sustaining ModularHome

August 8, 2012 / No Comments

Portugal is holding the Solar Decathlon 2012 and students from across the Europe and Egypt are giving final touches to their projects. However, the central piece of attraction of the Solar Decathlon is Casa em Movimento.

Casa em Movimento european solar decathlon house 537x3821 Casa em Movimento is a Self Sustaining ModularHome

Known as CEM in short, it is a modular home covered with photovoltaic panels. The uniqueness of this solar suite is that it has the ability to track the sun as it makes its way across the sky each day. Thus it ensures to produce more energy.

CEM is designed as a modular home for contemporary families. Thus it could be easily adapted as the family grows. Also the house is completely self-sustaining. Meaning, the house will not have to depend on the national grid for energy.

The environment consciousness is reflected in each and every element of the whole structure. Naturally insulated materials such as cork and wood are used in the interior of the house. A reflecting pool as well as permeable pavements have constructed outside the structure in order to enhance the microclimate and to control rainwater runoff.

The Porto team, comprising students from the University of Porto in Portugal, had to face several challenges to raise enough finance for the project. However, the team stuck to its task and has come up with a stunning design.