Hiriko 100% EV Looks to Rewrite City Car Concept

August 9, 2012 / No Comments

If you have been wondering what car would qualify as the world’s first 100% electric vehicle, think no more. For, the Hiriko has arrived.  The EV that promises to revolutionize the concepts of driving and mobility, is a two-seater electric car developed by the Hiriko Driving Mobility consortium.

hiriko citycarairport Hiriko 100% EV Looks to Rewrite City Car Concept

Build to make traveling much easier and accessible, the Hiriko aims to garner enquiries from municipalities in their carsharing ventures. Sales are expected to start next year.

The Hiriko project is the result of the strategic collaboration of the Spanish government and MIT. The project, on a budget of $87 million, had given shape and launched the first model in January. As many as 20 vehicles are currently undergoing trial runs.

Hiroko has three versions, which include the Fold (standard),Alai(convertible) and Laga (truck). According to the company, the target markets will be cities like Barcelona,Berlin and San Francisco as these cities have high potential.

Hiroko will be used for short-distance urban rides and car sharing. This electric micro-car is eight feet long and about a foot shorter than the Smart ForTwo.

One of the main advantages of the Hiriko is that all the four wheels can be rotated at a 60-degree angle, which will make urban parking easier. Now, that makes Hiroko, which means ‘From the City’, very apt.