Rooftop Farms Gaining Popularity in Hong Kong

August 16, 2012 / No Comments

Turning rooftops into gardens is not a new thing. But how it gained popularity and breathed fresh air into the heavily-populated concrete jungles of Hong Kong is a different story. A new initiative called ‘City Farm’ is targeted at those dedicated growers who want to cultivate their own organic.

roof 0 Rooftop Farms Gaining Popularity in Hong Kong

Rooftop farming has been popular in cities such as London and New York for years. Now Hong Kong has also chosen to take the same path. The unused roofs in the city are giving way for budding vegetable gardeners. Many more are joining the initiative every day. Urban farming has grown bigger in a short time, observes Osbert Lam, the founder of “City Farm”.

Melanie Lam, a 28-year-old nurse is all excited. According to her, the vegetables she grew are sweeter and fresher than those she used to buy from supermarkets.Two years since its inception, City Farm now boasts 100 regular roof top farmers. Apart from eating healthy and fresh, such rooftop gardens bring a feel of tranquillity among the growers and provide the best way of relaxation in this crowded city..