Dartmoor Treehouse Inspired By Weaver Birds

August 23, 2012 / No Comments

Even the birds can inspire you while making a perfect tree house.  If you are not convinced, take a look at the Dartmoor Treehouse. Jerry Tate Architects, who believe in creating sustainable low-energy architectural solutions, worked alongside a group of students to create this beautiful piece in just 5 days.

Dartmoor Treehouse Dartmoor Treehouse Inspired By Weaver Birds

Locally sourced wood and some inspiration was all that Jerry Tate Architects and the carpenter Henry Russell who worked along with the students taking ‘Spatial Structures’ classes this summer needed to get the job done.

Dartmoor Arts’ Week, which got underway this summer, developed some good talent and gave a good experience to the students who attended.

The story began when a family owning a local farm wanted a safe house for the children to play in, and that led the group to a large oak tree.

Materials, including locally felled spruce, larch and western red cedar, were sourced locally from the site. This apart, only two mechanical fixtures were required to affix the treehouse to the tree.

The lathes were woven together to increase stability and safety. A tunneled walkway and a pod play area are the other fun features of this tree house. A sloped walk towards the bird’s nest is another charming feature.

Weaver birds were the inspiration for these young minds.  Suggesting a better place for the kids to hangout will be hard, right?