Rome Zoo Serves Meat-Flavored Ice Lollies to Help Animals Beat the Heat

August 23, 2012 / No Comments

With torrid heat hitting Rome, and bringing the temperature to 40C this week, the authorities at the Bioparco Zoo are looking for new methods to protect the 1000 animals living there from the heat wave.  In that bid, they have prepared giant meat-flavored ice lollies to feed tigers and lions. Monkeys are served with yogurt filled bamboo canes, frozen fruit and watermelons to protect them from dehydration.

icelollies Rome Zoo Serves Meat Flavored Ice Lollies to Help Animals Beat the Heat

Rome’s main zoo is in fact finding new resourceful methods to fight the scorching heat. These iced appetizers will not only cool them but will also stimulate them to look for other food.

They are indirectly encouraged to move around in this unprecedented heat wave. They seem to enjoy the new cool delicacies and spend hours licking their food.

The summer this year has been unbearable in many parts of Europe. InItaly, the seventh major anticyclone named Lucifer had triggered the temperature up to nearly 104 degrees Fahrenheit especially in cities from the north to the south of the peninsula. The 42-acre Rome zoo is one of the oldest zoos in  Europe.