New Bladeless Wind Turbine is Bird-Friendly

September 3, 2012 / No Comments

There are no two arguments about the fact that wind turbine is an efficient way to capture wind and generate clean energy. However, they may pose a threat to flying birds and bats. The three blades, that are the feature of the wind turbines, could critically harm birds.

 New Bladeless Wind Turbine is Bird Friendly

Eighty-nine-year old military veteran Raymond Green has come out with a new design that will help make clean energy and protect birds. He had developed a wind turbine that has no blades. This bladeless wind turbine is named Catching Wind Power.

Green’s CWP Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine removes three massive blades seen on all wind turbines. With this ‘inner compression cone technology’, the wind will squeeze and compress the incoming air and will bring more power at the turbine. His turbine has no external projection to harm the birds. The birds can avoid it and all the moving parts are inside. Turbines are noiseless as the blades are placed behind the windsock and inner compression cone.

According to Green, his design can be used for commercial power productions well as residential use. The CWP will soon be tested and manufactured by Sigma Design