Space Shuttle Endeavour Movement Might Prove Fatal to 400 Trees

September 6, 2012 / No Comments

Space shuttle Endeavour’s final 12-mile journey will bring a magnificent spectacle for the people in Los Angeles. Most of them are very excited to witness one of the important chapters of history.  But the excitement could be hampered when they hear that the city would have to chop down 400 trees to make way for the shuttle.

endeavour.crop smart Space Shuttle Endeavour Movement Might Prove Fatal to 400 Trees

The shuttle’s move to California Science Center from Los Angeles International Airport will be a grand finale with an overnight slumber party in Inglewood. In order to give way to this grand parade, the entire obstacles have to be removed. Many of the trees are large magnolias, firs and pines that have been there for decades.

Though the California Science Center has promised to replant double the number of trees on the streets, but the residents in the neighborhood are not happy.  Endeavour was built after the 1986 space shuttle Challenger disaster. It helped the US to restore confidence in yet another manned space flight.

Around 128 trees will be chopped down in Inglewood, and about 265 trees in South Los Angeles. According to city planners, it is a golden chance to replace diseased trees and to repair sidewalks that have been damaged by tree roots.

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