Genetically Engineered Goats to Produce Human Breast Milk Substitute

September 10, 2012 / 2 Comments

We all know there is no substitute to human breast milk. It nourishes and keeps infants healthy. Unfortunately, low breast milk supply is a common problem among mothers. They are most of the time made to undergo medication to increase the level. What if goats are genetically engineered to produce enzymes and proteins found in breast milk?

 Genetically Engineered Goats to Produce Human Breast Milk Substitute

Animal scientists at the University of California are working on genetically modified goats to produce milk that contains lactoferrin, a protein that’s found in human breast milk.

So, mothers who do not want to breastfeed can give goat milk to their babies. Goat milk contains around 60 percent of the beneficial immune-boosters.

Goat’s milk has long lasting benefits. It can offer enzymes which can prevent disorders like childhood diarrhea.

The scientists have been working on this idea for years to perfect the formula. They have conducted tests only on “the toddler equivalent” in pigs so far.

The immunity of the pigs increased after drinking the milk.  The only negative aspect regarding the genetically-modified goat’s milk is that it may contain many harmful chemicals too. Do you support this idea of genetically engineered goats producing human milk?

  • Chris

    I would need more information to answer your question. Are they making a human/goat in order to make the milk product?

  • Steven

    This is absolutely one of the worst possible ideas to help sustain a more healthy upbringing at infancy, despite the mother’s possible inability to produce human milk.

    The unintended consequences at manipulation the human genome by introducing foreign genetic material into the bodies of babies, is to put it bluntly, genocide!

    When humans, albeit our good intentions, can many times, and often do, have implications and consequences which are unimaginable at the time of discovery of new technology – this is why it’s so important for all researcher, food companies and other biotech industry to tread carefully when going far beyond the scope of mans’ full understanding.

    Medicinal lactoferrin taken from cows is a much better alternative and much less risk factors than splicing it into a goat’s DNA.

    Do I support this idea of GE goats for producing HUMAN milk?

    To put it lightly, HELL NO!