Argentine Plants Guitar-Shaped Forest in Memory of Late Wife

September 14, 2012 / No Comments

Some people go to any extend to express their love. They are ready to do anything for the sake of their loved ones. Here, a man from Argentina, in order to pay tribute to his lost wife, has planted a beautiful and stunning rainbow-colored forest in the shape of a giant guitar.

giutar Argentine Plants Guitar Shaped Forest in Memory of Late Wife

The forest stretches 2/3 of a mile long and includes about 7,000 trees. Pedro Ureta started planting that garden a few years ago when he lost his wife Graciela tragically in 1977.

She died from a brain aneurysm at the young age of 25. Before her death, they two had plans of creating their own “sky image” within their fields. As they were so busy, they postponed the project.

Ureta worked day and night tirelessly to plant trees in the shape of a guitar. He completed it with a star-shaped hole in the middle. He selected cypress trees to design the outline and used blue eucalyptus trees to draw the strings.

It can be easily viewed from airplanes and will stay there providing joy to onlookers. It gives delight to those who fly above thePampas.

He hopes that one day it will be added to the UNESCO heritage site. Until then, he and his family will take care of this living memory of his lost wife.

The beautiful garden withstands many natural calamities like tornadoes, hail, and lightning.