Recycled Bottle Caps Turned into Design Material for House Beautification

September 18, 2012 / No Comments

Thousands of pieces of waste that would otherwise be obstructing waterways of Siberia have been turned into beautiful and attractive construction material.

house cap Recycled Bottle Caps Turned into Design Material for House Beautification

Olga Kostina, a resient of Kamarchaga village in Russia, has collected old bottle caps to decorate her house. She has decorated her house with them in vivid attractive patterns. This bottle cap house is drawing people and the media in hordes.

Kostina collected different kinds of bottle caps until she thought she had enough and then she started decorating her house with these bottle caps.

Instead of knitting, the bottle caps are placed into the wall with hand using a hammer. The mosaic patterns range from traditional macrame motifs to images of local wildlife.

In order to create complicated mosaics, she adapted the macrame technique, a technique of hand woven and knit knots. She has used 30,000 plastic bottle caps so far to cover her house. She has decided to cover her other buildings in this colorful pattern.

Today, plastic bottles are being used as a medium of art by many. It is a brilliant idea to use bottle caps in this creative and useful manner; otherwise it would have ended up in landfills or oceans.

The Russian pensioner, who builds this beautiful bottle cap house, unveils the possibilities of coupling recycled materials and resilient building techniques for construction.


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