Bardessono is California’s First and Only LEED Platinum Hotel

September 20, 2012 / No Comments

Bardessono,California’s exotic luxury hotel, has received a laurel in the form of LEED Platinum cerification for its efforts at nature conservation. The hotel has been accorded the prestigious certification for 2010 by the US Green Building Council.

hotle Bardessono is California’s First and Only LEED Platinum Hotel

The hotel focuses on sustainability to save energy along with providing a luxurious guest experience. They have initiated the environmental activities in a more practical, economical and aesthetical manner.

As part of this, a 200-kilowatt solar system powers the hotel. As many as 947 panels placed on the rooftop tap sunlight for electricity generation.

This apart, the hotel has also provided as many as seventy two 300-foot geothermal wells onsite towards heating and cooling the rooms.

The wood used in the construction of the hotel has been milled from salvaged trees. Non-toxic materials have been used in the construction, of which, 93 percent of construction waste has been recycled.

The Bardessono’s exterior walls have been made with stones that once were part of the wine storage. The large blocks of stones have been cut into tiles and used for interior and exterior spaces. Each room has 200 square feet of glass to provide natural lighting. The glass prevents the use of electrical lighting during daytime.

LED, halogen or fluorescent bulbs are used throughout the property. Drip irrigation system has been introduced to minimize water waste and enhance efficiency. All grey and black water are treated and recycled for irrigation use by the Town of Yountville.

All these efforts have brought to Bardessono the LEED Platinum. And, significantly enough, this is California’s first and only LEED Platinum.