Hyundai HB20 Flex Fuel Car Gets for Brazil

September 20, 2012 / No Comments

Hyundai’s Brazilian subsidiary has pulled off a major surprise by launching a striking new Brazil-only flex-fuel model called the HB20. It will be manufactured at the new plant in Piracicaba, Brazil, starting September 20. The sales of the vehicle will start only in early October.

car brazil Hyundai HB20 Flex Fuel Car Gets for Brazil

The company has stated that the HB20 is not just a car, but the first strategically developed car exclusively for Brazil.

Hyundai has decided to test their luck in the Brazilian market with this HB20. Usually small cars are most preferred in the country and the company thinks that HB20 will change the perception of Brazilian car enthusiasts in the small car segment.

Hyundai can proudly say it is their first flex-fuel car. The company was well aware of the Brazil’s need of gasoline to contain a minimum of 20 percent sugar cane ethanol so they preferred a flex-fuel car in the country.

The HB family will have nine versions with a complete package including hydraulic power steering, dual front airbags, air conditioning, and a spoiler with built-in brake lights.

The HB20 comes with three available powertrains: 1.0-liter (80hp) and 1.6-liter (128hp) engines linked to a five-speed manual gearbox and a 1.6-liter unit with an automatic transmission turning the front wheels.

The HB20 is believed as optimized to the taste of the Brazilian car enthusiasts and the country’s driving environment. The price will start at $15,800.