Nissan Unveils Electric Nissan e-NV200

September 25, 2012 / No Comments

Nissan has unveiled its all-new electric Panel Van version e-NV200 concept at the Commercial Vehicle International Motor Show in Hanover, Germany. Nissan has been working with FedEx Express to make e-NV200 the next FedEx delivery van.

fedexvan1 Nissan Unveils Electric Nissan e NV200


Electric vehicles are ideal for urban transportation as it features both efficiency and zero emission technology. Nissan and FedEx have started working together by co-testing the concept on the London streets.

They have decided to test the vehicle in other countries like Japan too as a means to obtain real-world driving response. It will soon expand into Singapore, the USA and Brazil too.

Talking about the charging time, Nissan says the e-NV200 can maintain 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can charge it overnight for a complete recharge.

It will have all the accomplished concepts of a van, such as spaciousness, versatility and practicality and still possess zero CO2 or other pollutant emissions. The EV e-NV200 will have the same 24-kWh battery and 80-kW motor of the Nissan Leaf.

The e-NV 200 will be ideal for cities because of its zero emissions and energy-recycling regenerative braking. The advantage of recycled braking is that it can reclaim the energy spend in the midst of city traffic block.