San Francisco Bike Sharing Program Set to Catch Up

September 27, 2012 / No Comments

Bike sharing is catching up in San Francisco. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, in association with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, is planning to introduce a bike sharing fleet program for its pedallers. As part of this program, 500 bikes will be placed in 50 stations.

 San Francisco Bike Sharing Program Set to Catch Up

The system facilitates the pedallers to pick up bikes and drop them off after use at the stations. The electric bike sharing service named Scoot Networks will help you travel the steep hills and paths without wasting gas.

Users can plug a smartphone in to the dashboard to start the scooter. The scooter app on your handset will activate the bike.

Urban planner Michael Keating conceived this idea as a solution towards alleviating the difficulties of travelling around a city like San Francisco. He selected the scooter because it is easy to park, cheap to recharge and above all they produce zero emissions.

If you want to use the service you need to pay a membership fee that starts at $5 per month.  At Zipcar, you can reserve a scooter for $5 per hour. The insurance is free and the users need not have a motorcycle license.