Fish Size Shrinking Due to Global Warming

October 2, 2012 / No Comments

It is common knowledge that the fish population, all over, is shrinking. But as per a new study, along with the fish population, the fish themselves are also shrinking. Under the influence of global warming, the body of around 600 types of marine fish will probably decrease. Pollution, decrease in habitat, and food sources also contribute to this disaster.

fish 261 Fish Size Shrinking Due to Global Warming


The researchers adapted computer modeling to study around 600 types of fish from the oceans and they found that the maximum attainable body weight of these fish will decline by 14-20 percent between 2000 and 2050.

The fish in the tropics are the most affected ones. To get oxygen is a constant struggle for the fish and the situation gets worse when the fish get bigger.

Usually, the marine creatures grow in accordance to the temperature of the water. With the global warming, the sea will have less oxygen thus making it difficult for the bigger fish to grow.

Rising temperature will also affect the bottom of the food pyramid, which will consequently, disturb the entire food chain.

The study points out the need to restrain greenhouse gas emissions and urges to take necessary action to monitor and adjust to the current changes. If that is not done, fish will be a thing of the past.