Smart ForTwo Electric Car Is the Cheapest Ev So Far

October 4, 2012 / No Comments

The Smart lineup has been looking for an electric variant from its beginning. The company’s environmental commitment prompted them to debut an electric variant long ago, and it is now looking for an update.

smart fortwo1 Smart ForTwo Electric Car Is the Cheapest Ev So Far

One of the most popular limitations of the EVs for not becoming a mass-popular vehicle is that they are mostly very expensive. In addition to that, the recharging cost exceeds that of using gasoline.

SmartForTwo is about to change the concept because it is the cheapest EV so far. It is more environment-friendly and efficient and will be an answer to the urban mobility today.

The small and maneuverable urban car gives room for two people and a special cradle on the dash for your iPhone. Though the acceleration is modest, it has the same range of the gasoline version- 6.5 seconds 0-60.

The Smart ForTwo vehicle comes at a low price of $25,000, minus the delivery charges. The neat design is also an added attraction. The beginning price of the car, figuring out the tax charges and the home charger, will be nearly $21,000. If you already have a home charger with you, you can save up to $2,000.

In short, this car will be the most reasonable and affordable EV ride you can think of. With the entry of EVs in the automobile market, can the frail Smart forTwo really stand up to the challenge is what we would like to see now.