Osaka Streets See Old Phone Booths Turn Goldfish Tanks

October 5, 2012 / No Comments

What do you do with the trash-worthy telephone booths? You obviously hurl them in the dumps, right? Think again, as did the Kingyobu group on Japan. What they have done is turn old phone booths into fish tanks. A great idea, indeed!

fish1 Osaka Streets See Old Phone Booths Turn Goldfish Tanks

Today in many cities, phone booths have been disappearing as most people prefer to carry cell phones. The Japanese art collective called Kingyobu has come up with a revolutionary idea of altering old payphone booths into aquariums.

Kingyobu is now changing the outlook of the streets of Osaka by recycling the old payphone stations. They are converting the old glass boxes into living ecosystems and turning them into living spaces for brightly-colored goldfish.

They have taken the initiative to seal old-useless booths and fill it with water, bubbles and golden fish. The aeration system allows the fish to breath.

The booth’s original bench and phone are left intact. When the booth is filled with water the old telephone receiver floats at the top.

At night, the tank shines from within, allowing the place to illuminate.