Chevy Volt Owners’ Charge-up Costs Can Be Calculated by App

October 8, 2012 / No Comments

We all know that driving an electric vehicle is cheaper than driving on gasoline. But, it is difficult to calculate how much an electric drive actually costs on a monthly basis. Worry not. General Motors’ OnStar division is trying to develop an app for Chevrolet Volt owners to figure out the new cost per mile.

chevy Chevy Volt Owners’ Charge up Costs Can Be Calculated by App

The new EcoHub app reminds Volt drivers just how miserly their plug-in hybrids can be. The app helps the Volt users to know how much it may cost to charge their batteries too.

It works by drawing overall home energy usage data through an energy data source-like utility or smart meter company. The app also gathers information on the Volt charging from OnStar subscribers and Volt owners.

The energy data is amassed to show how much energy is being used by the Volt users on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. It collects the homes’ entire electricity rates and also how much percentage of their electricity use is needed for charging the car. It also helps to finds out how much gas the drivers are saving nation wide.

The 2013 Volt can move up to an average of 38 miles on one full electric charge before its onboard gas-powered electric generator effortlessly switches on.

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