Solar-Powered Lamp Can Also Charge Your Phone

October 9, 2012 / No Comments

We are familiar with solar-powered lamps that act as an after-dark illumination extracting solar energy. Bright Products is taking it a bit further. The new solar powered lamp not only illuminates but also charges your mobile phones through a tucked in microUSB cord.  Not just that, it can act as an electricity-free sound amplifier to your smartphone or MP3 player.

bright1 Solar Powered Lamp Can Also Charge Your Phone

The lamp was invented with the aim of bringing electric power to developing countries.  The company’s main objective is to replace harmful kerosene lamps that pose many health threats, especially among women.

The company has designed the product with three brightness settings so as to satisfy different needs. It is said to be very versatile for all types of household needs.

The lamp can be used as a hanging lamp, a portable flashlight, and a desktop light. The solar panel takes eight to ten hours to charge the batteries in full sunlight.

In addition to this, the lamp can provide brightness for 50 hours in the lowest settings, eight hours on medium and four hours on high.

The bending neck of the bright lamp makes sure that the head is pointed directly at the sun while charging. It is also useful on camping trips for it can also be charged using DC or AC power.

The lamp is designed to satisfy all your camping trip requirements like good electricity-free lighting, gadget charging and amplified tunes.